Zenreach Demo – WiFi Marketing for Local Business

WiFi marketing is a big opportunity for local businesses, but very few companies do it right. It has very strong potential for business owners as well as agencies looking to add value to their clients.

In this session, Kai Umezawa, the co-founder of Zenreach, joins Eric Shanfelt for an in-depth, “Under the Hood” look at how WiFi marketing has evolved and how Zenreach is helping businesses get the most benefit from it.

Zenreach has built a network of millions of consumer profiles with deep demographic data. They can automatically recognize 1-in-7 people who walk into your business.

You can use Zenreach to send automated welcome emails to those people or encourage them to come back. You can also integrate it with your favorite email / marketing automation system.

With this data, you can build smart remarketing and lookalike audiences on networks like Google and Facebook. You can then launch online ad campaigns to reach new customers or retarget past customers.

Finally, Zenreach ties the results of email or online ad campaigns not by impressions or clicks, but by how many people actually visit your business after seeing your message.

Kai Umezawa
Kai Umezawa is Zenreach’s VP of Product. The network he helped build now includes tens of millions of users, and drove more than 7.7 million Walk-Throughs in 2018. Before co-founding Zenreach, he worked at Google and Facebook. Kai attended the University of Waterloo where he studied Systems Design Engineering.