Website Title Tags and GMB Snippets

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Joel Headley debunks myths and shares new insights about using title tags and justification snippets in your local SEO strategy. You’ll learn tips and ideas that are unconventional but proven highly effective to boost your local GMB rankings, such as how to …

  • Use long title tags to rank better in Google searches
  • Identify location keywords specific to your business
  • Optimize title tags, on-page content and Google posts

Joel also discusses how review content is used in Google justification snippets and how to put it all together to improve search engine rankings for your local business.

Joel Headley
As Director of Local SEO and Marketing, Joel oversees local search to ensure PatientPop customers have the latest tools and technology to optimize their online presence. Before joining PatientPop, Joel spent over a decade at Google, where he led education programs for small businesses and developed the company’s go-to-market strategy for Google Maps, web search, and Google My Business.