How to Fix Common Website SEO Issues

How to Fix Common Website SEO Issues

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Technical site issues can have a big impact on SEO for your local business. Local SEO expert, Dani Owens, joins us in this free Office Hours training webinar. She covers the most common technical SEO problems that sites have and demonstrate how to improve or fix them.

Examples include:

  • Making sure Google has no issues crawling and indexing your pages and the content on them
  • Steps to take after installing an SSL certificate
  • Improving crawl budget by reducing broken pages and internal redirects.

In the webinar, Dani will demonstrate the fixes on a WordPress site. However all of these issues apply to sites on other systems as well.

You’ll learn why these common technical problems have an impact on SEO for your local business and how to find and fix them.

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How to Fix Common Website SEO Issues
Dani Owens is the owner of Pigzilla. She has been working in the digital marketing space since 2011. As a local SEO consultant for SMBs and white label SEO provider for digital agencies, she fills her time by designing and implementing comprehensive local SEO programs for single location, multi-location and service area businesses. Recently, she has begun to focus on local SEO training and mentorship and is working on developing a local SEO community called Bring Home the Bacon.