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I’m Eric Shanfelt, Founder & CEO of Local Marketing Institute and I’d like to give you free access to our entire library of digital marketing training videos for local businesses.

As a local business or agency, it’s hard to find quality digital marketing training … especially since local marketing is very different from “traditional” digital marketing tactics used by large brands or e-commerce sites.

Our video library contains over 100 sessions taught by the best local marketers in the world and will help you be more successful with:

  • Local search (Google My Business, Apple Maps and other citations)
  • Reputation management (online reviews and ratings)
  • Local business websites (both single location and multi-site)
  • Outbound messaging (including email, text and instant message)
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Online advertising (Google, Facebook and other networks)
  • And much more ...

Whether you’re a marketing agency or local business managing a single location or thousands of locations, the information and support you’ll get as a Local Marketing Institute VIP will help you reach more customers, encourage repeat business, and grow your revenues.

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Eric Shanfelt
Founder & CEO
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As a VIP you get instant, on-demand access to our entire library of over 100 video training sessions specifically for local marketers. Each session goes into detail on topics related to local search / SEO, ratings and reviews, social media, email, online advertising, and website marketing.

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Perfect for agencies, local businesses, and chains / franchises


Stay up-to-date with changes in digital marketing. Discover new tools and strategies to serve your clients and build your agency


Learn what really works to get more customers and grow your business … and what your agency should be doing for you


See how corporate marketing and franchise / location managers should best work together for effective digital marketing

Find out what really works for ...

Local Search / SEO

Reviews & Ratings

Social Media

Online Advertising

Email & Messaging

Local Websites

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