How to Verify Your Local Business Facebook Page

Verify Your Local Business Facebook Page

Most local businesses already have a Facebook page, but I’m always surprised by how few local businesses have actually verified their page. Verifying a Facebook page is easy, fast, and has significant benefits for your business. Here’s why you should verify your local business Facebook page and exactly how to do it.

You’ve probably seen a gray checkmark next to the business name of some local business Facebook pages. That checkmark means that Facebook has verified the page as legitimately belonging to the business it represents. But it also has some benefits for your local business.

First, Facebook says that verified business pages show up higher in its search results (the search toolbar at the top of Facebook’s website and app). Obviously, the higher your business appears in a search, the better! But the checkmark also adds greater confidence for customers looking at your business. If your business Facebook page is verified, customers are more likely to contact or visit you versus your competitors.

The verified checkmark appears not only on your local business page, but in Facebook’s search results as well, including the main search results, and the pages and local business search results too.

So how do you verify your local business Facebook page? Watch the video below and we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step. It’ll only take you a few minutes.


Eric Shanfelt
Eric is the Founder and CEO of Local Marketing Institute. He has 25 years of experience in digital marketing and has been the Chief Digital Officer for several B2B and consumer media companies. Eric has a passion for local businesses and focuses on practical digital strategies to help them attract more customers, build customer loyalty, and grow their business.