CallRail Demo – Call Tracking for Local Business

Call tracking is one of the best marketing tactics a local business can employ, and CallRail is one of the best call tracking systems out there.

With call tracking, you can help measure which of your business listings and advertising efforts actually generate inbound calls and revenue and better tune your marketing efforts.

Unfortunately, most local businesses don’t use call tracking or don’t use it effectively.

To that end, we’ve asked Madelyn Wing of CallRail to join us in this Under the Hood session to talk in-depth about:

  • How call tracking works and why local businesses should use it.
  • How Dynamic number insertion (DNI) uses a unique phone number for each of your marketing efforts to help track how well each source is doing.
  • Call tracking for local business listings (especially Google My Business).
  • Call tracking tactics for local business websites.
  • How to track calls from digital ad campaigns to better track the ROI of your ad spend.
  • How CallRail’s system can help eliminate annoying robocalls so you can spend more time talking to customers.

We’ve also asked Madelyn to show us how CallRail actually does all of this within their system.

Check out session and then, for more information, please visit the CallRail site at

Madelyn Wing
Madelyn is the Director of Product and Customer Marketing at CallRail. She has a robust background in digital marketing, community, and customer success across a range of roles. Madelyn helps marketers get the most out of their investment in call tracking and loves helping users find their aha moment. Her areas of expertise include digital marketing, go-to-market planning, documenting best practices, and lead generation.