Blip Billboards Demo – Digital Billboard Advertising

Digital billboard advertising is coming on strong combining both digital and real-world advertising.

The technology has changed recently and advertising on digital billboards is now self-serve, affordable and easy to use.

And it’s effective …

The data shows that adding digital billboard advertising to the mix leads to an increase in clicks, conversions, leads and even average customer value.

Although digital billboards have been around for a while, the process to advertise on them has been the same as traditional billboards and has been cost-prohibitive for many businesses.

Now, however, businesses and agencies can buy “impressions” on digital billboards, choose where and when to run the ads, manage and update creative, select run dates / times … at just about any budget.

We’ve asked Bart Bradshaw of Blip Billboards to join us for this week’s Office Hours webinar to talk about how digital billboard advertising works.

Bart will share actual data about how digital billboards impact customer conversion. He’ll also show us how easy it is for any company to start advertising on digital billboards with any budget.

Bart Bradshaw
Currently a member of the leadership team at Blip, Bart is an avid student of all things business and entrepreneurship. Prior to Blip, he worked in the tech sector for companies like Intel, PwC, and Dell, and obtained an MBA from Duke University. Bart is the host of Built to Stay, a podcast about how businesses build for long-term success, and he owns and operates three small businesses with his wife.