Under the Hood with ThriveHive

Take a closer look at ThriveHive’s latest tool, ThriveHive Grader. With the slew of new features Google has added to Google My Business in the last 18 months, it’s easy to lose track of what’s possible (and what’s important) with this key component of your digital marketing. The ThriveHive Grader helps you take maximum advantage of Google My Business by assessing your performance across three primary areas:

  • Presence: The status of your GMB profile and overall completeness of profile data
  • Reputation: The number of actual reviews, average star rating, and responsiveness of your business to both positive and negative reviews
  • Outreach: The quantity, quality, and frequency of posts on your profile

Grader’s new integration with the ThriveHive Inbox turns this free offering into much more than a static report…it becomes a companion that helps you optimize your GMB profile on an ongoing basis.

David is first and foremost an advocate for sustainable digital marketing techniques for small businesses. Products he's co-developed have helped over 3 million small businesses earn better visibility in Google. Prior to joining ThriveHive as VP of Product Strategy, he founded Tidings, an email newsletter platform for small businesses, helped Moz with its local strategy, and co-founded GetListed.org.


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