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Ask Joy Anything about Google My Business

Have any questions at all about Google My Business and how to optimize your local SEO? This free Office Hours session is your opportunity to get the answers you need from Joy Hawkins, one of the top Google My Business experts in the world. Learn about the latest Google updates, such as the new "follow" […]
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Local Marketing Voice Searchvideo

How To Optimize Local Marketing for Voice Search

Local marketers need to consider how their businesses perform in the ever-expanding world of voice search. “There’s nothing that’s going to disrupt marketing to the level that voice will since social media came in 2009,” says Gary Vaynerchuk, a forerunner in digital marketing and highly successful entrepreneur. That’s big stuff! Voice search is everywhere. Smart […]
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Under the Hood with ThriveHive

Take a closer look at ThriveHive's latest tool, ThriveHive Grader. With the slew of new features Google has added to Google My Business in...

Local Search Strategies for Hiding Your Address

For a variety of reasons, you may want to hide your business address, but still rank well in local search. Maybe you're a service area business (landscaper, plumbing / HVAC, cleaning business, etc.) and don't want customers coming to your actual office. Maybe you're a home-based business and don't want your home address shown publicly […]
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Hide Your Address

Citations Tips if You Want to Hide Your Address

All local businesses want customers to find them online, but how can you still rank in local search when you need or want to hide your address?

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