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30-Minute Complete Local Digital Marketing Strategyvideo

30-Minute Local Business Digital Marketing Strategy

For many local businesses and even agencies, a local digital marketing strategy can seem complex and overwhelming. Every day there are new tools, Google changes its search algorithm, social media strategies change ... and then you hear about things like chat bots and Snapchat filters. You get companies calling you all the time promising to […]
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7 numbers to think about with reviewsvideo

7 Numbers to Think About with Reviews

At their core, reviews drive business. Reviews are everywhere, and your customers make purchase decisions based upon what other customers are saying about your business. Reviews have become a critical digital marketing tool, so how should you manage them? Reputation management expert, Aaron Weiche, presents key strategies to collect, promote and use reviews to benefit […]
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How to Build A 5-Star Reputation Strategy Online

Use these practical tips to improve your online reputation and, in turn, improve your search rank, search and website conversion rates and customer trust.

The Power of Customer Reviews: How to Get Them and What to Do with...

Purchase decisions of every kind are made based on customer reviews. You may already know that reviews provide many benefits to local businesses. But do you know how to put them to work for you? Reviews do more than build trust and increase brand awareness. In this week's free Local Marketing Institute Office Hours, Kristen […]
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The Good, Bad, and Ugly about Yelp for Local Businessesvideo

The Good, Bad, and Ugly about Yelp for Your Local Business

How should you manage reviews on Yelp? Should you advertise with Yelp? During this week's Office Hours, Toby Danlychuk, Principal / Co-Founder of 39 Celsius, and Eric Shanfelt, Founder and CEO of Local Marketing Institute, will discuss: - Whether you should spend ad dollars on Yelp and where those ad dollars should go - Drawbacks […]
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Get Five Stars Under the Hoodvideo

Under the Hood with Get Five Stars

Need a better way to generate more online reviews for your business? Want to monitor online reviews, respond to them and display them on...

How to Spot and Remove Fake Reviews

Fake reviews are a major problem for local businesses on Google, Facebook, and elsewhere. Whether it's a fake negative review on your business, or fake positive reviews on a competitor, the problem is big and only getting bigger. But there are ways to spot, report and fix fake reviews. Join us for this week's Local […]
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Customers, Complaints, Online Reputationvideo

Customers, Complaints & Your Online Reputation

Your local business's online reputation is at the forefront of many customer’s buying decisions today. Not only do great online reviews help you land new business, but you can also benefit by listening to your customers complaints and negative reviews. Join Eric Shanfelt and Aaron Weiche, the CEO of GetFiveStars, to find out how to […]
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Getting More Positive Local Reviewsvideo

Tips for Getting More Positive Local Reviews

As you know, online reviews are essential to attracting more customers. They not only help your business rank higher in search results, but also build trust with new customers. In this Office Hours session, Eric Shanfelt will talk about how to get more positive reviews and help you with practical tips to manage online reviews […]
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Review Sites Work Best For Youvideo

Which Local Business Review Sites Work Best for You?

Local search and review sites are threaded within our daily lives now when searching for places to go, things to buy, where to eat, and more. Join our session to learn where exactly customers are searching, how reviews are influencing customer decision making and why review management strategies are so important in today’s market. By […]
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