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Facebook Messenger Marketing for Local Businesses

It's no secret that organic reach for businesses on Facebook has dwindled. As is the case with most social media, Facebook has quickly become a pay-to-play platform, especially for local businesses. Facebook Messenger, however, is one relatively untapped tool that can generate a huge ROI. Tristan Adkins shares a case study of how one restaurant […]
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The Power of Customer Reviews: How to Get Them and What to Do with...

Purchase decisions of every kind are made based on customer reviews. You may already know that reviews provide many benefits to local businesses. But do you know how to put them to work for you? Reviews do more than build trust and increase brand awareness. In this week's free Local Marketing Institute Office Hours, Kristen […]
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Under the Hood with AdviceLocal

During this week's free Office Hours session, Bernadette Coleman, Founder and CEO of Advice Local, and Eric Shanfelt will examine Advice Local's approach to...

Essential Email Marketing Automations for Local Businesses

Email marketing remains one the best avenues for local businesses to reach potential customers and build relationships with their current customer base. Automating certain aspects of your email marketing can help you manage campaigns and achieve better results from your email database. Chris Davis of Active Campaign will explore email automation best practices specifically for […]
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Keep Your Digital Marketing Legal

What you don't know can hurt you! In this week's free webinar, digital marketing legal expert, Sara Hawkins, joins Eric Shanfelt to discuss what local businesses need to know about staying out of trouble online. Sara will cover privacy laws, legal issues around online reviews, giveaways and contests, and more. She'll make sure you know […]
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Talia Koren Instagram 101 for Local Businessesvideo

Instagram 101 For Local Businesses

In this webinar, Instagram Expert Talia Koren will break down the fundamentals of what local businesses should (and shouldn't) focus on to grow their accounts and build brand awareness. You'll learn which businesses actually belong on Instagram, about how hashtags really work and how to organically drive word of mouth marketing on the platform. Talia […]
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The Good, Bad, and Ugly about Yelp for Local Businessesvideo

The Good, Bad, and Ugly about Yelp for Your Local Business

How should you manage reviews on Yelp? Should you advertise with Yelp? During this week's Office Hours, Toby Danlychuk, Principal / Co-Founder of 39 Celsius, and Eric Shanfelt, Founder and CEO of Local Marketing Institute, will discuss: - Whether you should spend ad dollars on Yelp and where those ad dollars should go - Drawbacks […]
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Expanding Your Local Search Presence with Google My Business

How can you reach more people with your Google My Business listing? In this week's Office Hours, Chris Dreyer, Founder and CEO of Rankings.io, and Eric Shanfelt will discuss how to expand your local presence in search using a combination of local SEO, offline tactics, and Google best practices all without breaking the bank. Dreyer […]
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Under the Hood with BrightLocalvideo

Under the Hood with BrightLocal

Some of the top local search experts (like Joy Hawkins) use BrightLocal and highly recommend it. In this webinar, we’ll be taking a behind-the-scenes...
Build Your Local Marketing Stackvideo

Build Your Local Marketing Stack

The local marketing landscape today is an overwhelming place. Even for professionals, it's hard to keep up with all of the options at your disposal. You probably receive a dozen or more calls a week from sales reps hawking one advertising product or another, and it's harder than ever to identify long-term growth fuel from […]
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