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11 Local Listings Beyond Googlevideo

11 Local Business Listings You Must Claim Other than Google

Google My Business is arguably the most important local business listing you can claim. But if you only focus on Google, you're missing a lot of customers who are searching on other places on on other devices. In this Office Hours session, let's talk through the 12 other key local business listings that all businesses […]
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Google Home Services Changes, HomeAdvisor / Angie’s List merger, Facebook will penalize slow websites,...

There have been a couple of big news items recently. First, Google updated their Home Services platform and the HomeAdvisor / Angie's List merger....

Local Facebook Ads Made Simple

Dennis Yu, CTO of BlitzMetrics is one of the leading Facebook advertising experts. He joined Eric Shanfelt to discuss how to create effective Facebook...
Facebook Local Businesses near me

Facebook Testing New Way for Customers to Find Local Businesses Near Them

Facebook is testing a more advanced way for customers to find products and services near them. Local businesses who have a Facebook page will...
65 Million Local Business Facebook Pages

Stand Out From 65 Million Other Local Business Facebook Pages

There are now 65 million local business Facebook pages. That's a lot of competition, but most pages aren't well-optimized. That's how you can stand out! If 65...
Reducing Facebook Ad Costs for Local Businesses

6 Tips to Reduce Facebook Ad Cost for Local Businesses

We know that many local businesses will run Facebook ads this holiday season. But before you spend more money, be sure to check out this...
Local Search Ad Blocking

Why Ad Blocking Makes Local Search Even More Important

With so many people using ad blocking software, you can no longer rely on buying your way into local search results. But there is...
New Facebook Call to Action Buttons

How to Use the New Facebook Call to Action Buttons

If you have a Facebook page for your business, you're probably already familiar with Facebook call to action buttons (CTA buttons). Until now, your...
Wild Fig Books

How Two Local Bookstores Are Winning With the Internet

Like many small businesses, local bookstores face increased competition from large corporations and Internet retailers. But some small bookstores are now incorporating ecommerce and engaging with their audience on...
Store Visits

Google and Facebook Store Visits Are Only Estimates

Google and Facebook tell you when their ads drive store visits in the hope that you'll spend more money. But don't just take their...

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