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How to Get More Opens with Email Preview Text

Email preview text can make the difference between your email being opened or ignored. We all know about the "from" and "subject" lines in...
30-Minute Complete Local Digital Marketing Strategyvideo

30-Minute Local Business Digital Marketing Strategy

For many local businesses and even agencies, a local digital marketing strategy can seem complex and overwhelming. Every day there are new tools, Google changes its search algorithm, social media strategies change ... and then you hear about things like chat bots and Snapchat filters. You get companies calling you all the time promising to […]
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Email: Your Secret Weapon in the Digital Marketing Stackvideo

Email: Your Secret Weapon in the Digital Marketing Stack

With all the shiny objects in search and social media, it’s easy for small businesses to overlook email marketing. Local marketing veteran Tidings founder David Mihm will explain why that's a mistake, and how you can start building relationships and driving revenue more efficiently through email. People who watch this session have a special opportunity […]
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Essential Email Marketing Automations for Local Businesses

Email marketing remains one the best avenues for local businesses to reach potential customers and build relationships with their current customer base. Automating certain aspects of your email marketing can help you manage campaigns and achieve better results from your email database. Chris Davis of Active Campaign will explore email automation best practices specifically for […]
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Local Marketing Trends for 2018video

Local Marketing Trends for 2018

What are the local marketing trends for 2018 when it comes to search, social media, local business websites, email marketing, reputation management, and online advertising? In this Office Hours session, join Eric Shanfelt, Founder & CEO of Local Marketing Institute, and get ready for what's coming in 2018. Learn what you must do to effectively […]
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Effective Emails for Local Businessesvideo

Effective Emails for Local Businesses

For local businesses, email can reach more prospects and current customers more effectively than social media ... especially since only 5% of your social media followers ever see one of your social media posts. A good email strategy can help develop new prospects, turn them into new customers, engage your prospects and customers, and help […]
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Content Marketing Plan Local Businessesvideo

A Simple Content Marketing Plan for Local Businesses

Do you drive yourself nuts trying to figure out what content to put on your website, emails, and social media profiles? Does it feel like your wasting your time and not really having an impact? In this Office Hours session, we'll show you a simple plan to create content that builds your relationship with customers […]
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Tips Grow Email Listvideo

Tips and Tricks to Build Your Email List

In this session, Chris breaks down the process of building a list for small businesses. He provides you with a 3 step method to ensure that you not only understand the steps required but walk away empowered to implement them in your business immediately. Get a 14-day free trial of ActiveCampaign Have questions? Please post […]
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super offer local businessesvideo

Creating a Super Offer for Your Local Business

In this session, local & online marketing expert Sean Daily of Social Media Ninjas takes attendees through the critical process of how to develop a primary or "master" offer for their business for use in online and offline advertising and marketing campaigns. Having a successful offer is the heart of every marketing campaign and the […]
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