Social Media Marketing

Fix Your Website Social Media Image on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Does your website look bad when people share it on social media? Learn how to see what your website social media image looks like and how to fix it.

Facebook Location Pages Versus Local Business Pages

Facebook location pages are NOT the same as local business pages. If you have more than one location, you should make the switch. Here's how to do it.
Google+ Is Dead

What Does the End of Google+ Mean for Local Businesses?

Google is shutting down its beleaguered social network, Google+ in August 2019. Here's how the shutdown of Google+ impacts local businesses.
attracting local social media followers

Find and engage with local social media followers

Social media can be a powerful way to discover people who will love your local business and live nearby. Connecting with customers on social...
Facebook Local Businesses near me

Facebook Testing New Way for Customers to Find Local Businesses Near...

Facebook is testing a more advanced way for customers to find products and services near them. Local businesses who have a Facebook page will...
65 Million Local Business Facebook Pages

Stand Out From 65 Million Other Local Business Facebook Pages

There are now 65 million local business Facebook pages. That's a lot of competition, but most pages aren't well-optimized. That's how you can stand out! If 65...
Inexpensive Digital Marketing Strategy

An Inexpensive Digital Marketing Strategy for Local Businesses

Is there really an inexpensive digital marketing strategy for local businesses? Yes, there is! With a little effort and about $150 per month, you...
New Facebook Call to Action Buttons

How to Use the New Facebook Call to Action Buttons

If you have a Facebook page for your business, you're probably already familiar with Facebook call to action buttons (CTA buttons). Until now, your...

How Two Local Bookstores Are Winning With the Internet

Like many small businesses, local bookstores face increased competition from large corporations and Internet retailers. But some small bookstores are now incorporating ecommerce and engaging with their audience on...
Facebook Marketplace

What Your Local Business Should Do With Facebook Marketplace

Local businesses, pay attention! Facebook Marketplace is a new tab in the Facebook mobile app that allows individuals to buy and sell items to...

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