How to Sequence Your Local SEO Campaign

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Even if you know what goes into a successful local SEO effort, you’re probably shakier on WHEN to do this step rather than that step. Even if you’ve got a solid plan, the order in which you do the steps may delay your results unnecessarily, create extra work, or just drive you (or your team or your clients) crazy.

How to sequence your local SEO work is tricky, and every situation is different. But this session will help make it clearer. Phil Rozek will outline some basic timelines that can work for you. And, he’ll cover some principles that will help you always know what to do next.

Phil Rozek
Phil Rozek is the owner of Local Visibility System LLC. He specializes in local SEO and other things business owners dread. A longtime blogger and occasional speaker on local search, he is known for his directness and for his clear and practical advice. Phil lives in Massachusetts with his wife, son, and 3 cats.