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It’s easy to spend a lot of money on Google Ads with lackluster results. It’s much harder to make your Google Ad strategy a savvy investment that achieves the goals of your local business. Profitability is key, and Mockingbird Marketing’s Conrad Saam and Nate Bruns show you how!

In this session, they demonstrate how to set up, run and track Google Ad campaigns that truly convert. Conrad and Nate, Mockingbird’s advertising director, team up to provide three key take-aways:

  • Understanding Google Ad basics
  • Finding the right budget
  • Advanced targeting strategies

They share Google Ad tips and tricks that will literally put your business on the map using display and video ads that encourage interaction and conversion. From defining your cost per click (CPC) goals to writing ads that deliver results, Conrad and Nate walk you through each step of the Google Ad process that will help make your own local business marketing efforts truly profitable.

About the Presenter

Conrad Saam
Conrad Saam is the founder of Mockingbird–a Google Premier Partner agency delivering advanced online marketing exclusively for the legal industry. Prior to Mockingbird, Conrad architected Avvo’s ascendancy from concept to legal directory market leader through advanced SEO strategy. He previously ran the marketing team for the widely popular restaurant app, Urbanspoon.
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