How to Rank Higher by Removing Google My Business Spammers

Google My Business spammers can make your legitimate business listing rank lower. In this video tip, you’ll learn how to remove these spammers and rank higher in Google’s search results.

This is a great hack. We see it all of the time where people but spam in their Google My Business listing name. If you put keywords in the business name, you’re guaranteed to give yourself a little ranking boost for that which is why they’re spammed to hell.

In the example, I’d be pretty pissed off if this was my client at the bottom. This guy’s not spamming anything. He’s playing by the rules but these spammers up above are outranking him.

How to Take Down Google My Business Spammers

Check their websites for their actual names. Generally that’s in their logo.

You can then edit the listing in Google maps. Go to their listing, click “suggest an edit” and change the name to what you think it should be. If you’re a local guide your edit could get approved pretty quickly.

My change was updated in two minutes and then boom … look at that! Who’s the asshole now? My client is now ranking and we pushed the other ones down.

There are agencies that spend a ton of time doing this because it’s the best way to bump your ranking up by two spots. If you want to rank two spots higher, clear out the Google My Business spammers above you. It makes a huge difference.

I should probably give a hats-off to Joy Hawkins for this tip as well because she’s the queen of internet spam. You don’t just go in there and change these guys to something else to get them to rank lower, you change it to the real name that they should have used to begin with and take the junk out.

Darren Shaw
Darren is the founder of Whitespark, a local search software and services company that is one of the most respected and cited in the industry. He has been working on the web for over 19 years and loves everything about local SEO. He is a regular contributor to search marketing publications and speaks at conferences around the globe about local search.