How to Get Reinstated After a Google My Business Suspension

How to Get Reinstated After a Google My Business Suspension

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Getting reinstated after a Google My Business suspension can be done if you follow the right process. A suspension means that your listing has been either soft or hard suspended from Google Maps and Search.

A soft suspension means you have no control over the listing, and it is still displayed on maps and search as unowned. A hard suspension is when the listing is removed completely from search and maps.

Either way, you are guilty until proven innocent in Google’s eyes at this point and all you can do is ask for reinstatement.

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How to recover from a suspension

To recover from a Google My Business suspension, get ready to ROAR! Recognize what is wrong, Organize your facts, Accept it, then Reinstate. Here’s a quick synopsis of the process:

Don’t panic

Take a chill pill! Rushing to the Google My Business reinstatement form usually ends up causing more harm than good.

Get advice

Reach out to the Google My Business Support Community and one of the volunteer Product Experts or users to review your information.

Provide your information

Give the volunteers as much information as you can including: business name, street address OR the address used to verify if you are a service area business, website URL, URL of your GMB dashboard, a screenshot of your info tab in GMB (all of it), any proof of signage on the door on in a building directory (a vehicle picture works if you are a service area business), anything else to prove you are a real business entity.

Submit a reinstatement request

Only after you’ve done the above steps should you take action and submit a reinstatement request.

Wait for a response

You might get a denial immediately, but if you don’t hear back from Google immediately, this is actually a good thing. Keep watching your email and checking your listing for updates or a change in status.

Wait to make edits after reinstatement

Wait several days after reinstatement to make edits to your listing or you could be suspended again.

How the reinstatement form works

The reinstatement form is the most efficient method since it goes directly to the team that is responsible for reinstatements. Support in any other form is a step or two removed from the reinstatement team.

Under normal circumstances, you can get a listing reinstated in 1- 7 days. If it goes past 7 days, and you have not gotten a denial, you have a whole host of other issues going on.

Answering yes, leads to a dead end. Select NO even if there is an existing request in play. More on that in the part where we talk about what to expect.

You must have access to the listing in question to answer YES to this question. Answering no is a dead end as you can see below. Answering yes moves you on to the next question.

This question is just asking you if you have poured over the guidelines and made changes if needed. An answer of “No” or “I don’t know” will lead to the following dead end, so go ahead and answer YES.

This question is geared toward letting Google know that you are located at a physical location. This applies to service area businesses (as you need a location to verify) and of course to storefronts. A NO leads to a dead end. Answer YES, and you move onto the next question.

This question is geared toward seeing if you should have an address showing or not. Remember, you should only have a service area set if you do go see customers at their location. Hybrids are allowed, like for instance a pizza restaurant could have dine in (storefront) and a service area (delivery). Here, a YES moves you onto the next question. A NO moves you to question 9.

This is pretty much the same question as previously answered, but it is trying to see if you are a storefront. Answering YES moves to the next question. Answering NO moves you onto question 9.

Here Google is just wanting to know if you have a duplicate listing in your dashboard. Answering this question with a NO moves onto the end. Answering with a YES moves you onto another branch of questions.

If you have disabled all duplicates, great. If you are keeping them around for some reason, then explain why when filling out the next form. Answering YES or NO leads to moving onto finishing the form.

Answering YES, brings you to question 7. Answering NO, ends the wizard. Now, let’s get onto filling out the form to remove your Google My Business suspension.

  • Name: Your name.
  • Official email address: This is the email that you use to manage the GMB listing in question.
  • Name of business: This is the name as it is in the suspended listing (use the edited version if you changed it)
  • Address: Use the verification address, even if it is a service area business.
  • URL: This is found inside Google My Business on the home or info tab. Do not put your website URL in here as it will not work. The picture below shows you where to find it.

The last part is pretty straight forward. You put in your phone number.

Then enter in any changes you made to the listing. This includes chages to the name, hours, address (for a move) etc. Be very detailed here and leave nothing out. Admit wrong if you have to (like in the case of keyword stuffing).

If you have additional information, put it in the last box. I like to put proof of the business existence here.

What to expect after you submit

After you are done fully submitting the form, immediately check your email and see if you get an auto-response from Google Specialists to maintain one line of communication. If so notate the case ID in the subject of the email. If you contact support you will need this ID.  

In case you get a denial right away. You have a real serious issue. At this point, you need to contact a specialist to dig in and find out what is happening. Almost no number of requests will help you.

If you did not get an automated email, this is good and the desired outcome. From this day forward you will not get an email from Google regarding this listing until a reinstatement occurs, or shortly thereafter. Keep an eye out for an email saying your listing has updates, this is the first sign your listing is back online. Or sign up for a service that will monitor your Google my Business listing.

You will either get a success or a denial email at this point. If it is a success email, again take a chill pill. You need to wait for approximately 3 full business days for your ranking to come back. Also, I suggest not making any edits during this time. You could get suspended again very quickly.

What if you get rejected?

If you get a denial, (I know I know how dare they!) look over the guidelines againand make sure all is looking good. See step 2 at the beginning of the article. If you have a fake listing, do not bother. If you are in a virtual office or a PO Box, consider getting a real address. (Seek advice before doing a reinstatement move as they are complicated, but guarantee getting reviews back). The general rule of thumb is you only get a few reinstatement requests before you get the auto replies. So make the first few requests count.

Pro Tip: Remove your 24 hours and make it something reasonable. I see this so often.

Pro Tip 2: Do NOT under any circumstances make a new listing, even if Google tells you to, unless you want to lose all previous ranking power and your reviews. Be patient.

Reinstated, but pending for more than 3 days?

First off, congrats on getting your Google My Business suspension reinstated! Unfortunately, if you are pending for more than 3 days there is something wrong or you are in what is called a duress category. You will need to get in touch with GMB Support and provide your evidence. Then you will be fully reinstated.

Hopefully, this article helps you navigate the reinstatement waters of Google My Business. It is not impossible, and sometimes it can take a discerning eye to figure out what is wrong. The process for reinstatement is pretty straight forward. Pay attention to everything along the way, get some advice, or hire someone. If you are a legitimate business you will get your listing back.

Ben Fisher
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