bug and the bear bakeshoppe

Melissa Brogan Uses Local Marketing Instead of a Storefront

Melissa Brogan doesn't have a physical store for The Bug and The Bear Bakeshoppe, her local business in Illinois. She relies upon her website,...
Google your website hacked

Want Google to let you know if your site is hacked?

In 2016, Google couldn't notify 61% of website managers that their websites had been hacked. To help with that, Local Marketing Institute recommends that...
Inexpensive Digital Marketing Strategy

An Inexpensive Digital Marketing Strategy for Local Businesses

Is there really an inexpensive digital marketing strategy for local businesses? Yes, there is! With a little effort and about $150 per month, you...

Why Local Businesses Should Increase Their Digital Marketing Budget

Many small and local businesses are rolling up their sleeves to plan for 2017. As you do, consider spending more on your digital marketing budget even...

How Two Local Bookstores Are Winning With the Internet

Like many small businesses, local bookstores face increased competition from large corporations and Internet retailers. But some small bookstores are now incorporating ecommerce and engaging with their audience on...
Any Questions?

Ask Us Anything!

It's your turn! Ask us anything about digital marketing for your local business. We'll review all submissions, pick the most intriguing ones, and answer...
2016 Digital Marketing Trends for Local Businesses

2016 Digital Marketing Trends for Local Businesses

Welcome to the very first episode of Local Marketing Institute Talk! In this episode, we'll talk about the big digital marketing trends for local businesses in 2016. There...
CPA uses local marketing strategies to increase earnings

How a CPA Firm Quadrupled Earnings with Local Marketing

A local CPA firm quadrupled its sales in seven years. How? They were focused and they saw value in repeating just a few proven tactics that won them loyal customers.
Protect Your Local Business with Two-Step Verification

Use Two-Step Verification To Protect Your Local Business

Think about all of your email accounts, social media profiles, online banking, payment processing, and accounting systems. If any of those got hacked, it could cost...
Gratitude - The Science of Happiness

The One Secret to Happiness for Local Business Owners

Running a local business is rewarding, but can also be incredibly lonely and stressful. You've seen the tips about how to manage your time, reduce...
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