Optimize Your Photos to Rank Higher in Local Search

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Getting your business found online goes well beyond key words in today’s evolving SEO world. Images and videos of your business are critical in taking your website and Google My Business listing to the next level. Joe Danzer, certified Google photographer and AI geek, explains why images matter and how best to optimize them for your business.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How Google searches for images and uses them to answer queries about your business
  • Ways to make a great photo that will give you advantages on Google and elsewhere
  • Optimization tips for images on your website and GMB listing
  • How to use Google Cloud Vision to find out what Google knows about any image

Joe also share what’s new with Google Street View and how you can use virtual tour videos to further enhance your business’s online presence.


Joe Danzer
Joe Danzer is a nationally recognized and award winning professional photographer who specializes in Google Street View for Business photo tours, headshots, and commercial photography. Joe teaches local business owners about free Google services that can make a big difference in how they perform online. He is one of the few Google Street View for Business Trusted Photographers in the US.