How to Optimize for Local Business Voice Search – Alexa, Siri, and Google

Today we’re going to talk about how to optimize for local business voice search. Now, how do you as a local business optimize for voice search?

First of all, Alexa is not the most powerful search out there when it comes to voice. It’s the one that gets a lot of notoriety because a lot of home device units are being sold there, but when you look at the voice market as a whole, it’s everything from phones and tablets and computers and gaming consoles and cars and smart TVs, as well as these home devices. When you take all of them into account, Apple Siri actually has about half of the overall market share with Google Assistant between 25 and 30 and Amazon right around 13%.

Amazon, while it gets a lot of press, is actually the third largest voice search system out there. Let’s take a look at the ecosystem.

Local Business Voice Search Ecosystem

Here are all the various devices that are out there we just talked about. There’s Apple Siri, Google Voice, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana. There are also a couple other ones out there, but these are the biggest ones. Where do they get their information from?

Apple gets its basic business data from Apple Maps Connect. It gets its reviews and its photos for your business from Yelp and sometimes from some other locations: TripAdvisor and a few others.

Of course, Google Voice is going to get your basic business information, reviews, photos, and everything else from Google My Business.

Amazon Alexa is getting its basic business data primarily from Yelp. However, they just recently a few months ago signed a deal with Yext where Yext is now submitting business data directly to Amazon Alexa. Amazon Alexa’s results are becoming to be a bit mixed here.

Then finally, Microsoft Cortana gets its basic business data from Bing, but it gets its reviews and business photos from other places, similar to Apple Siri.

How Do You Optimize for Local Business Voice Search?

So what does all of this mean?

Really, you don’t do anything different with local business voice search than you do with optimizing your business for a normal desktop or a phone search.

You’ve got to optimize your Google My Business listing. You’ve got to claim and optimize your Apple Maps Connect listing. You’ve got to claim and optimize your Yelp listing because it impacts Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. Then you want to claim and optimize your Bing Places listing.

We have videos on how do to all of this in our training area, so go check them out if you’d like to.

Local Business Voice Search Examples

Let’s just do a couple of quick searches here.

“Hey, Alexa. Tell me jewelry stores in Fort Collins, Colorado.”

Alexa: Based on your zip code settings, here are a few top rated ones. One: Mariposa Plants and Flowers. Two: Vapor Tour. Three: The Nerd Store. Four: Wise Jewelers. To get more accurate results, go to the Alexa app and enter your address.

I haven’t put my address in Alexa yet, but obviously it’s getting my IP address, figuring out where it is. Let’s try Google.

“Hey, Google. Jewelry stores in Fort Collins, Colorado.”

Google: I found a few jewelry stores near Fort Collins.

All right. You might not be able to see them here, but the results actually are identical to if I were to look up jewelry stores in Fort Collins on a web search. Now let’s try one more.

“Siri: Hey, Siri. Jewelry stores in Fort Collins, Colorado.”

Okay, Eric. Here’s what I found.

It came up with four or five different results for me. All of these local business voice search services will come up with four or five results.

What Are Your Next Steps?

Again where are they getting this data from? Well, Apple’s getting it from Apple Maps Connect and supplementing it with reviews and photos from Yelp and other places. Google’s getting everything from Google. Amazon is getting it from Yelp and directly from Yext. Microsoft Cortana is getting it from Bing Places and Yelp.

So, these are the places where you need to really optimize for local business voice search. We have a lot more detailed information on each of these services and how to optimize them in our training videos, so check them out.