Under the Hood with AdviceLocal

During this week’s free Office Hours session, Bernadette Coleman, Founder and CEO of Advice Local, and Eric Shanfelt will examine Advice Local’s approach to local listings & optimization, online ratings and reviews, store locator pages, and more.

We’ll also talk about how local businesses, agencies and brands leverage Advice Local to maximize their return on their money, effort and time. They’ll breakdown the process and benefits in plain english so that you can understand how Advice Local can be a good match for you now and in the future.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to ask your questions of Advice Local’s CEO and learn all about local presence management!

Bernadette Coleman
Bernadette Coleman is CEO of Advice Local, an award-winning local search technology and local presence management company focused on improving client visibility across the local digital universe. Known as the Queen of Local SEO, you can find her speaking nationally on local SEO and search strategies for businesses and brands.


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