Build Your Local Marketing Stack

The local marketing landscape today is an overwhelming place. Even for professionals, it's hard to keep up with all of the options at your disposal. You probably receive a dozen or more calls a week from sales reps hawking one advertising product or another, and it's harder than ever to identify long-term growth fuel from […]
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David Mihm, VP Product Strategy, ThriveHive, has helped small businesses with their online presence for over 15 years across a broad spectrum, moving from web design to local search, email marketing, and more. At ThriveHive, he's applying his local search experience to deliver results for small businesses through the company's innovative, conversational guided marketing framework. David also runs Tidings, a web-based app which helps small businesses send email newsletters quickly, simply, and cheaply. In his spare time, he's an active volunteer and former board member of SEMpdx and Mercy Corps Northwest, helping local entrepreneurs build their businesses with digital marketing.