Why Local Search Visibility Is More Important than Search Ranking

This week our guest is SEO legend, Mark Traphagan, of seoClarity. Mark joins Eric, Jason and Ben to answer your questions on digital marketing for local businesses … local search engine optimization (SEO), Google My Business, social media, email marketing, websites, online advertising and more.

This Week’s Updates and Questions

  • How search is becoming more visual instead of textual.
  • Thousands of different search results pages depending on the type of search.
  • What are passages and how do they work in a Google search?
  • Why search visibility share is more important than search ranking position.
  • Why search actions (website links, calls, etc.) are more important than rank or visibility.
  • How a local business can capture more search visibility.
  • How to use “People also ask” and “Related searches” to figure out what your customers are looking for.
  • How a local business can get a featured snippet (search position 0) in a Google search.
  • How Google Trends can be used to figure out what your customers are looking for.
  • Problem with Google Maps app on Android showing street view of service area businesses.
  • Problem with Google My Business Posts getting rejected when they shouldn’t be.
  • Problem with people finding and replying to reviews on Google My Business.
  • Are links to my website from small blog websites bad links? Should I deny them?
  • How do you find who’s linking to your site and if it’s a good or bad link?
  • Is Google Page Rank dead?