Measuring Local Digital Footprint, Voice Search, Coworking, Apple Maps and More

This week’s guest is Cindy Krum, CEO of MobileMoxie. Cindy shows us how a local business should measure their entire digital footprint, not just their website and GMB listing. Your digital footprint can also include ads, social media posts, YouTube videos and much more. We get a sneak peak at how her tool can help track the entire digital footprint of a business. There’s also an unplanned, guest appearance by Tom Waddington talking about Local Service Ads.

This Week’s Topics and Questions

  • How voice search continues to grow for local businesses
  • Hybrid (storefront AND service area businesses) not showing address in Google
  • How Google shows businesses that are “located in” a destination
  • How do you fix a GMB listing if the “located in” is wrong?
  • Google clarifies how co-working offices need signage and staffing
  • If I stop using Yext, will my business listings go back to their old settings?
  • How to submit your business to Apple Maps
  • What is a Google Local Service Ad / smart ad website?
  • Does linking to my GMB website from ads, social media, etc. help my ranking?
  • Should the info on my GMB website mirror what’s on my main website?
  • Can I have multiple GMB listings for the same business with slight variations?