GMB Spam / Messaging / Images, Bing Drops Yelp, Website Speed and More

Eric, Jason and Ben give an update on the most important developments in local marketing and answer digital marketing questions for local businesses.

Special Note

There was debate during this week’s session as to whether the NitroPack WordPress plugin actually works or was just “spoofing” site speed testing systems like Google, Pingdom, GTMetrix, etc. Here is NitroPack’s own response to this claim: However, there is also this information about NitroPack: I ran this by a very trusted and internationally known WordPress developer and he said that NitroPack can have some benefit in certain situations, but he still recommends more “traditional” caching / performance improvement plugins. It’s your decision as to what you’d like to do, but here at LMI, we have removed NitroPack from our site.

This Week’s Topics and Questions

  • What is Clubhouse and how does it apply to local marketing?
  • The latest on how Google is fighting spam in Google My Business
  • Bing drops Yelp for business reviews and turns to other sources
  • Google My Business adds customer messaging to desktop
  • Update on Google My Business image problems with logos / cover images
  • Should businesses use the same phone number for different locations?
  • How to quickly improve your website speed
  • What is the right image size for GMB posts?
  • Can individual insurance agents have their own Google My Business listing?
  • How do I quickly build inbound links for my website?
  • Do press releases and “Google stacking” actually work?