Marketing Best Practices For Service Area Businesses

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Marketing a service area business online today is an entirely different beast. Yes, some local SEO rules do apply, but many do not. Dave Squires cuts through the clutter, and shares what REALLY works for local service area businesses.

Key takeaways:

  • The truth about pay per click advertising
  • How to understand reporting
  • Optimization tips for seasonal service businesses
  • Ideas for targeting commercial vs. residential clients
  • Strategies for winning voice search
  • What to know about Google Local Services Ads and “Google Guaranteed”

Dave provides truly affective local SEO tips and trends that can impact your online presence as a service area business. With his insight, you can better evaluate where to invest your time and money to market your service business to reach local customers.

David Squires
David Squires has been involved in Internet Marketing for over 19 years, specifically with Service Area Businesses. He is a regular presenter on Internet Marketing and Local SEO specifically for the HVAC & Plumbing industry. His company currently works with over 400 contractors in North America & Australia successfully providing them with a cost-effective Internet solution.