Upgraded GMB Listings, Geotagging Photos, DuckDuckGo, GMB Support Options and More

Eric, Jason and Ben answer your local SEO, Google My Business (GMB) and digital marketing questions. Sign up and ask your questions at https://lmidai.ly/officehours

Questions in this week’s session:

  • How do I get my Google My Business listing to always show in the 3-pack
  • If I change the address of my service area business (SAB) will that cause a suspension?
  • What are the top things I should make sure to optimize in my GMB listing?
  • What is the best way to reach Google My Business support right now?
  • What’s the latest on upgraded listings with the Google Guaranteed badge for $50 per month?
  • If you have 24-hour phone service, should you those hours or only your actual office hours?
  • How do you optimize a local business listing in DuckDuckGo?
  • What is the most important advertising option on Yelp that is worth the investment?
  • Can you set the cover photo on your GMB listing? (HINT – Ben has a solution that works!)
  • Does it help to include keywords in GMB posts?
  • How do I optimize by local business for voice search without paying a third party?
  • Can videos be uploaded to a GMB post and what are the specifications?
  • If you geotag images, will it improve your local search rank?
  • Is it worthwhile driving traffic through ads, social, etc. to GMB site or post?
  • Can you be sued for fighting local search spam?