Local SEO and Marketing Q&A Session with Special Guest Ted Chan March 17, 2023

This Week’s Updates and Questions

  • Profiles not being visible in the In Search Experience bug is now fixed.
  • What is the role of the Better Business Bureau in the business ecosystem?
  • What is the BBB’s relationship with Google?
  • What is the BBB customer complaint resolution process?
  • How does the BBB know a complaint is not a hired hand from a competitor?
  • What is the recommended set up process for a new business to apply to the BBB?
  • How does the BBB protect ethical business?
  • If the BBB uncovers unethical practices done by a business, how is that handled?
  • Do BBB listings for an SAB have to be paid to have authority?
  • Is there a way to use Google Takeout to download data from one location in an organizational account?
  • How do I get my business listed on the first page of Google?
  • When reporting a spam redressal form, does it matter which email address is used to submit?
  • Can I ask and answer with the same account for an FAQ page?

Links from This Week’s Session