Local SEO and Marketing Q&A Session September 23, 2022

Each week, Greg and Ben answer your questions on digital marketing for local businesses … local search engine optimization (SEO), Google Business Profile, social media, email marketing, websites, online advertising and more.

This Week’s Updates and Questions

  • Covid 19 attributes on GBP are going away.
  • Incentivizing review removal on GBP is not allowed.
  • Google addressing SAB issues.
  • What should I do if lists like Yelp are out performing me in ranking?
  • What should I do if Google misplaces a service under the wrong category?
  • How do I create a GBP for stylists at one location?
  • Is Geofencing beneficial?
  • What categories fit experiential marketing, and would local SEO be more beneficial for it?
  • Has the issue of missing Google reviews been resolved?
  • Why am I getting errors when uploading photos to GBP?
  • Is there a way to add text to an image in In-Search Experience?
  • Is video verification now the number 1 verification method?
  • Is my SAB being suspended because of a bug?
  • Will copying GBP reviews to my website violate terms of service?
  • Why is my GBP being banned when my profile is clean?
  • If I have moved locations and decided to keep the old one, what should I do with the unused verification code?
  • How do I prove that a listing on Google maps is spam?

Links from This Week’s Session

PlePer Tools – GBP category helper