Local SEO and Marketing Q&A Session January 20, 2023

Each week, Greg and Ben answer your questions on digital marketing for local businesses … local search engine optimization (SEO), Google Business Profile, social media, email marketing, websites, online advertising and more.

This Week’s Updates and Questions

  • Google has added UGC content restrictions.
  • New Apple Business Connect.
  • State of Local Search event in 2023.
  • GBP posts are gone.
  • Rising stars in SEO.
  • Companies scamming Local Services Ads PSA.
  • Can you have multiple GBPs for the same business?
  • How do I change my profile picture on GBP?
  • Is call tracking good to use?
  • How do I verify my GBP with Search Console?
  • What part will ChatGPT play in creating content for local businesses?
  • Why am I not receiving my verification postcard?
  • Where do I go to get the block removed for reviews?
  • Why cant I add my website to my GBP?

Links from This Week’s Session