Local SEO and Marketing Q&A Session January 14, 2022

Each week, Greg and Ben answer your questions on digital marketing for local businesses … local search engine optimization (SEO), Google Business Profile, social media, email marketing, websites, online advertising and more.

This Week’s Updates and Questions

  • New manager waiting period for GBP. 
  • What are some tips for combating the Google vicinity update? 
  • If suggestion edits are handled by AI, why do they stay under review for days or weeks? 
  • What is the best practice for switching a business from a Google website to your own URL? 
  • My SAB has been verified but my address is not being hidden and I am unable to change it or leave it blank. What should I do?
  • Are there issues with the proximity update for SAB profiles? 
  • Recently I’ve noticed newly created listings that are verified by pin code are immediately suspended, even though everything is within the guidelines. Is this a bug? 
  • Is there anything you can do if your SAB verified location is near the border and not the center of the service area? 
  • What is the process to quickly rebuild the search authority of a listing that has been marked as a duplicate? 
  • Why would Google mark a listing as a duplicate when it already has been verified from a past duplicate flagging issue? 
  • What are the circumstances that trigger a new 7 day wait and does posting regularly to GBP help much with ranking? 
  • What should I do if a verified address shows red? 
  • For a GBP verified listing with a slightly wrong address, how do I go about changing an error in the Google map before submitting the correct address? 
  • Can you boost your website/GBP ranking by using GBP category keywords in new location pages in cities outside of your GBP listing?
  • What type of backlinks are producing the best results currently?
  • For my GBP I am using a PO box address, but I’m not showing up on the map; any advice?
  • What should you do about a business that has violated Google’s guidelines for the second time?
  • Any suggestions for niche business categories when it fits under a primary category, but business does not want their profile to come up when people search for the general primary category?
  • After submitting a reinstatement form for a suspended GBP, receiving a reply from Google and making changes, should I submit a new reinstatement form, or reply to the original response? 
  • Do profile clickthroughs to posts help with ranking?
  • Any best practices to optimize pay per click campaigns for voice search?

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