Local SEO and Marketing Q&A Session February 17, 2023

Each week, Greg and Ben answer your questions on digital marketing for local businesses … local search engine optimization (SEO), Google Business Profile, social media, email marketing, websites, online advertising and more.

This Week’s Updates and Questions

  • Pubcon and LocalU in Dallas conventions in 2023.
  • New BrightLocal consumer review survey is out.
  • Bing beta AI chat is being slowly rolled out.
  • How should a company with branches all over the country approach Local SEO?
  • What are the best local SEO agencies to apply to in the US?
  • If I switch from a location based business to Service Area Business, will switching back trigger a new verification?
  • How do text notifications work on a GBP?
  • Is there a bug with the “own this business?” link on GBP? 
  • Does video verification work for SABs that use a home address?
  • How do I optimize my homepage for SEO?
  • How do you update an appointment link within the new GBP interface?
  • Is GBP going to become monetized?
  • Should I show my address if I do B2B services?

Links from This Week’s Session

BrightLocal local consumer review survey