Infographic: 6 Steps to Local Search Optimization

6 Steps to Local Search Optimization

How do you make sure your business is found when a potential customer does an online search? It’s a process called Local Search Engine Optimization or Local SEO for short. Local SEO can seem overwhelming for most business owners, but it can be boiled down to six basic steps as outlined in this infographic.

First, it’s important to know WHY local search is important:

  • 92% of people search online for local businesses
  • 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • 72% of people will take action after reading a positive online review
  • 71% of people click on a listing in the first page of search results

It’s also important to know IF your business qualifies for local search. If you serve your customers face-to-face at your location or your customer’s location, then you business qualifies for local search.

From there, you simply follow the 6 steps to local search optimization:

  1. Prepare you business information
  2. Update the local business data providers
  3. Claim and optimize key local business listings
  4. Optimize your own website
  5. Solicit and manage customer reviews
  6. Check reviews and listings regularly

(Click here to download the high-resolution PDF version of this infographic)

6-Step Local SEO Infographic