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Chris Dreyer and his team at Rankings.IO just completed an extensive analysis of over 112,000 personal injury law search results pages. The data is fascinating and can be applied not only to the legal industry, but many other industries as well.

We’ve invited Chris to share what he and his team learned. In this session you’ll learn:

• Why older domains tend to rank higher
• Why having a valid SSL certificate is critical
• The impact of referring domains on both the domain and page level
• How directories give businesses an advantage over individual business websites
• How the strength of a site’s backlink profile correlates to ranking
• Chris’s theory on why longer content is necessary
• And much more!

Check out this webinar to learn how to apply this data to your local SEO efforts.

Chris Dreyer
Chris Dreyer is the President and Founder of, an agency that specializes in personal injury lawyer SEO. His agency ranks personal injury firms for the most lucrative keywords in your industry with end-to-end SEO, from content creation to technical optimization. “Most personal injury attorneys struggle to rank at the top of the search results. That’s why I’m here: I help elite personal injury law firms generate motor vehicle and serious injury cases through Google’s organic search results.” –Chris Dreyer