GMB Reports, Negative Reviews, Fake Yelp/Facebook Reviews and More

Each week, Eric, Jason and Ben answer your questions on digital marketing for local businesses. Ask any question about local search engine optimization (SEO), Google My Business, social media, email marketing, websites and online advertising.

This Week’s Questions

  • Update on Google My Business Suspensions
  • GMB Insights moving to a “performance report” format
  • What is the new Google Question Hub?
  • How to best respond to a negative review
  • How do you remove fake reviews from Yelp?
  • Should I improve or consolidate service area location pages on my website?
  • What to do if a competitor is buying fake 5-star reviews
  • Does using a link shortener hurt delivery of my emails?
  • Can I use a UPS mailbox with a real street address for a GMB listing?
  • How many GMB listings is one company allowed per city?
  • Should I have a GMB listing if most of my customers come from out of state?
  • Does a GMB listing hurt my search rankings nationally?
  • How do you remove fake reviews from Facebook?