Local Facebook Ads Made Simple

Dennis Yu, CTO of BlitzMetrics is one of the leading Facebook advertising experts. He joined Eric Shanfelt to discuss how to create effective Facebook Ads for local businesses. Enjoy the free video tip below!

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Local Facebook Ads Made Simple Video Transcript

Dennis Yu: Look at this. Who’s hungry or hungover? Here’s a phone number. This is something that worked a couple of years ago and it still sort of works. Let me explain. So you see, he’s putting a picture of some food and he’s got a lot of people that are liking it. For an Italian restaurant, this is not a chain. I think he’s got two locations.

Eric Shanfelt: Yeah. It’s just a picture of a pizza with a phone number.

Dennis Yu: Well people on Facebook are like barbarians. It’s like the reptilian brain. It’s like people that are driving down the freeway and looking at billboards. You’re not going to sit there and contemplate the words on a billboard for 30 seconds. You have two seconds. If you capture their attention, they see this thing, they see the phone number. We’ve seen it where, same on Google and on Facebook, where we put the phone number in here, people will call the phone number and never even click on the thing. Have you noticed that?

Eric Shanfelt:  Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Dennis Yu: Isn’t that really cool? I don’t know how many people in local realize that.

Eric Shanfelt:  It’s totally not trackable but it works.

Dennis Yu: You can track it if you have a different phone number and all but I wouldn’t worry about that. The point is that when you engage people in a very … Most marketers, they try to be too fancy. Their copy goes on for a paragraph. They think this is a landing page. Good luck trying to put landing pages on Facebook. That is so anti social.

You’ve got to use video and images. You’ve got to break it down to a fifth grader. But better than this, you can run this as a lead ad or you can send it straight to a message or a check-in offer or any kind of local … There’s a local awareness ad. There’s other things you can do so you don’t have to fake it out by putting the phone number here. This thing can turn into a call button.

Eric Shanfelt:  Yep.

Dennis Yu: People don’t realize that. And then you boost it. The thing is you had to post it organically first then you have the orange to boost it.

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu is the CTO of BlitzMetrics. He is an internationally recognized lecturer in Facebook marketing, having been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, National Public Radio, TechCrunch, Fox News, and CBS Evening News. He is also a regular contributor for Adweek’s SocialTimes column.