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Need a Bigger Email List? Offer a Discount for Subscribing.

Discounts are one way to grow your list quickly and easily. 70% of individuals say that they would subscribe to an e-mail list for a 40% discount. You can read more about it at Emarketer.

What this means to you:
Email drives revenue and repeat business. Even millennials prefer email over social media when communicating with businesses. I always recommend that local businesses put a prominent email sign-up box on the homepage of their website AND that they offer a strong incentive for people to sign up…like 40% off their first purchase. Do it right and you can remarket to them again and again!

Facebook Canvas Custom Audiences (Advanced)

Canvas ads allow you to reach and engage with potential customers more actively because they blend photos, videos, text boxes, and buttons with links back to your site… it’s like a mini-interactive webpage right there on Facebook! The big news is that you can now reach customers who have engaged with canvas ads again by targeting ads to people who opened them before. Here’s the full article from Jon Loomer.

What this means to you:
Canvas ads are very high impact ads on Facebook used primarily for branding, but local businesses can use them too by targeting a specific geographic region. Now that Facebook now lets you track who saw your Canvas ad, you can remarket to them with other ads later on. I don’t recommend Canvas ads for all local businesses. But if you’ve been doing Facebook local advertising already, this recent change makes Canvas ads much more attractive to local businesses.

76% of Mobile Searchers Visit Within a Day

Google discovered that 92% of people who searched for a product on their phone bought it that day and 76% of users went to the local business location. 96% of the respondents said that they used their smartphones as one of the ways they fulfilled their daily needs. Read more about it in this article from Adweek.

What this means to you:
First off, it’s still critically important that you do the right things for people to easily find you when they search for a local business. But you’ve also got to make sure you website looks not just good, but GREAT on mobile devices. Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Can people easily find everything they need to know about your business right there on the homepage? (phone number, address, business description, etc.)
  • Have you checked your site on a SMALL mobile device like an iPhone 5? Use a real iPhone or look at your site using a tool like!
  • Does your site pass Google’s mobile-friendly test?

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