How Schema Markup Improves Your Local SEO

How Schema Markup Improves Your Local SEO

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What is schema markup and why is it important for your local business?

Bottom line … it can improve your local SEO and help more customers find you.

For this Office Hours session, we’ve invited Martha van Berkel, one of the most respected schema markup experts in the world, to join us.

She’ll explain schema markup and how it can be used to help local business websites stand out in organic search.

  • What schema markup is and why it’s important
  • The most important schema tags for your website
  • Specific schema tags for organization, local business, events, FAQs, products and blogs
  • How to implement schema markup on your website
  • How to test for proper schema markup on your website
  • Important differences for single versus multi-location businesses

Not many business do schema markup well … if at all. This is an important session for business operators and marketing agencies alike and can help make your website stand out from your competitors.

Martha van Berkel
Martha van Berkel is the co-founder of Schema App and responsible for Customer Success. She gets energized talking to customers and partnering with them to figure out how they can differentiate themselves through the adoption of semantic search marketing solutions. Martha holds a B.Sc in Mathematics and Engineering from Queen’s University, and a certificate in Strategy & Innovation from MIT.