How Consumers Use Local Business Reviews in 2020

Local Business Reviews in 2020

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Do you know how customers really use online reviews to make decisions about your local business … and how you can better manage your online reputation?

Since 2010, BrightLocal has conducted their annual Local Consumer Review Survey to answer this question and gain insight into customer behavior.

The latest survey is out and we’ve asked BrightLocal’s Myles Anderson to join us for this week’s Office Hours session.

He’ll share key findings from the report and offer his expert advice for how to build a strong online reputation in 2020. You’ll learn:

  • How consumer use of local reviews have evolved over the last decade.
  • How they use local reviews to research and choose local businesses.
  • What local businesses can do to better manage their online reputation.
  • Which industries have seen the greatest impact from online reviews.
  • How many reviews and what star rating businesses need.
  • How marketing firms can win more reputation management work in 2020.
Myles Anderson
Myles Anderson is the founder and CEO of local marketing platform BrightLocal. Since starting BrightLocal in 2009, Myles has worked tirelessly to make local marketing simple with their extensive reporting tools. Over 95,000 marketers and local businesses use BrightLocal to boost local rankings, increase online visibility, build citations, and grow their online reputations.