Google and Facebook Local Advertising Q&A Session

Facebook and Google local advertising expert, Navah Hopkins, joins Eric Shanfelt, Jason Brown and Ben Fisher to answer questions about local targeted Google ads, local services ads, Facebook ads and much more.

This Week’s Topics and Questions

  • Update on changes coming when 3rd party cookies go away.
  • Changes to Facebook advertising when Apple rolls out iOS14.
  • What exactly is first party data and how does that impact local business advertisers?
  • Is remarketing dead with the changes to cookie tracking and iOS14?
  • How does cooke tracking and iOS14 impact conversion tracking for ads?
  • Where should a local business start with Google Ads?
  • When a local business should use Google Smart Campaigns (formerly AdWords Express).
  • How Google My Business reviews work with local services ads.
  • Do local services ads for for service area businesses?
  • What is the minimum ad spend to retarget my email list on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google?
  • Does my local business really need a website?
  • Where should a local business start with Facebook Ads?
  • Do I need a Facebook Business Manager account to effectively run Facebook Ads?
  • Is it worthwhile to target the Facebook audience network or Messenger?
  • Where do you turn when your Facebook ad has been rejected?
Navah Hopkins
Navah Hopkins is part of the Customer Success and Thought Leadership teams at WordStream. She began working in digital marketing in 2008, transitioning from SEO to paid search in 2012. Since that time she’s worked with SMBs and the agencies who serve them across the globe, helping them turn PPC into a scalable part of their organizations. She was named one of the top 25 most influential PPC marketers, and likes to pay it forward by mentoring future marketers at local universities.