Google Ads Tips and Tricks for Attorneys

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You’ve heard and possibly used some of the arguments against Google Ads: “We’re performing well on search engines organically, so why pay to advertise?” “It’s too expensive. We can’t afford it.” “Google ads don’t convert for my law firm anyway.”

Rather than dismiss them, let’s understand Google Ads better and the variety of ways they can be tailored to build your law practice brand and convert clients. Nate Bruns of Mockingbird joins Google representatives, Sheena Arora, Strategic Partner Manager, Channel Sales, and Abby Mitchell, Account Manager, to discuss how Google Ads can work in the legal industry and some tips and tricks for using them.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Target search ads, display ads and video ads for your specific clientele
  • Create campaigns using a complete marketing funnel strategy
  • Determine cost metrics and base budget on goals, locations and practice areas
  • Track conversions to truly know your return on ad spend
  • Understand and follow the user journey of your ads

Whatever your experience is with Google Ads, you’ll learn truly effective on-line ad strategies that can maximize conversions.

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Nate is the Director of Advertising at Mockingbird, a law firm marketing agency based in Seattle. With over 10 years experience and a passion for technology, he manages millions of dollars of ad spend and oversees a team dedicated to driving revenue from strategic, full-funnel advertising.