How to Get a Google One Box for Your Local Business


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A Google one box is a special search results box that shows up when someone does a local keyword search and only one business matches.

The benefits of being the only local map search result are obvious. But less apparent is HOW you become that business.

In this session, Phil Rozek of Local Visibility System will show you specific steps you can take to get your business to show up in more one-box search results.

He’ll also share how these same tactics can help you get more featured snippets from your website into Google’s 3-pack local business listings.

This is one session that you won’t want to miss!

Phil Rozek
Phil Rozek is the owner of Local Visibility System LLC. He specializes in local SEO and other things business owners dread. A longtime blogger and occasional speaker on local search, he is known for his directness and for his clear and practical advice. Phil lives in Massachusetts with his wife, son, and 3 cats.