Facebook Remarketing Strategies for Local Businesses

Facebook Remarketing Strategies for Local Businesses

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Facebook remarketing can help local businesses reach customers more cost effectively than other advertising options. With remarketing, you target ads to existing customers or people who already know your business. These people are more likely to do business with you than a “cold” audience who doesn’t know you yet.

In this Office Hours session, Craig Mount gives you key strategies for Facebook remarketing to increase clicks and maximize visibility without increasing your ad budget. He’ll review remarketing for beginners, but also provide advanced strategies for more experienced marketers.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How remarketing works on Facebook.
  • Targeting and audience-building strategies unique to local businesses.
  • Innovative ad ideas for local businesses in a variety of sectors.
  • Unique ways to spend budget that maximizes clicks, impressions and profit.
  • How today’s COVID-19 situation impacts remarketing and how to adapt.

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Craig J. Mount
Craig is the founder of the digital marketing company Classy Brain, based in Colorado. He also co-created the structured data resource Steal Our JSON-LD. He’s been working in digital marketing since 2009, focusing primarily on Local SEO. He is a Product Expert for Google My Business; a Local Search Expert on Local Search Forum; a Moderator at Local U, and writes for Search Engine Land. You can find him on Twitter or at the Local Search Forum. In his free time, he makes handmade, small-batch peanut butter at Nerdy Nuts. It's delicious and everyone should buy some.