What Your Local Business Should Do With Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Local businesses, pay attention! Facebook Marketplace is a new tab in the Facebook mobile app that allows individuals to buy and sell items to each other. Think of it as Facebook’s version of Craigslist or eBay.

You can find Facebook Marketplace right in the middle of the bottom bar on the Facebook app. Click the icon and you’ll see a wide range of products that are for sale near you. You can browse the items, filter them by category, and even change the location and distance of products to display (up to 100 miles away).

There are some limitations right now.

  1. It’s limited to the Facebook app only. You won’t see it on the desktop web version. It’s designed for peer-to-peer selling within local areas.
  2. It’s not open to businesses yet.
  3. There is no direct purchase method within Facebook Marketplace itself. Individuals have to meet personally and arrange payment on their own.

You can read more about Facebook Marketplace on TechCrunch.

What You Should Do

First, realize that this is completely different from the shop tab that you can put on your own business Facebook page. Next be sure to check out the new Marketplace section on the Facebook app and get familiar with it. You can post items for sale using your own personal profile, but not from your business page. That’s not always desirable, so you might want to hold off until Facebook officially opens it up to local businesses. When they do, we’ll definitely let you know how to take advantage of it!

Eric Shanfelt
Eric is the Founder and CEO of Local Marketing Institute. He has 25 years of experience in digital marketing and has been the Chief Digital Officer for several B2B and consumer media companies. Eric has a passion for local businesses and focuses on practical digital strategies to help them attract more customers, build customer loyalty, and grow their business.