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Google tells us they use three primary methods of determining local map pack rankings–prominence, distance, and relevance. Prominence is the strength of the local entity determined by online and offline signals and engagement. Whereas, relevance is a measure of how well a particular entity matches the search intent of the user looking for a local service or business.

Chaz shares his top strategies to improve the local SEO relevance factor of your business. You’ll learn:

  • How prominence and relevance work together
  • Why the relevance factor is essential for your business to even be considered for ranking
  • A number of proven methods to create and increase the relevance of a local entity

Improve how well your business ranks in Google, expand your geographic reach, and become more relevant for a wide range of search phrases.

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Chaz Edward
Chaz is a local SEO with a decade-plus experience ranking 3 pack listings and websites. He is a partner in Local Viking, a GMB management platform with 55,000 active GMB listings, the founder of Web 20 Ranker, a white label SEO agency with a core competency in local SEO solutions, and a partner in two 7-figure legal marketing firms.