Measuring the True ROI of Digital Marketing


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How do you figure out if your law firm’s advertising and marketing investments are working? Gyi Tsakalakis, a former lawyer himself, dives into marketing attribution and measurement protocols that work best for law practices. In other words, how to track clicks to fees. Gyi discusses how attorneys can implement systems, processes, and tools to track return on investment, return on ad spend, and other business metrics that are tied to the web.

Learn how to define objectives, goals, target audience and success before you start your marketing campaigns. Focus on the metrics you really need to know in Google Analytics, and don’t waste your time with the rest. Don’t miss Gyi’s unique perspective and ideas to help you connect the dollars you’re spending on line to the fees you generate from clients.

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Gyi Tsakalakis
Gyi Tsakalakis founded AttorneySync because lawyers deserve better from their internet marketing people. As a non-practicing lawyer, Gyi is familiar with the unique considerations of ethically and effectively marketing a law practice online. He regularly writes and speaks about online legal marketing. He's always open to talking shop, but if you really want to get him fired-up ask him about Michigan football, coffee, or whiskey. If you’re in the Chicago area, and you’re not a mean person, he'd love to meet-up.