Content, Links and Organic SEO Impact on Your Google My Business Rank


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A quality website with authoritative content is a monumental factor in determining who shows up in local search results, especially in the highly competitive legal space. Seth Price, a lawyer himself, understands the special nuances legal marketers need to win with organic SEO. In this session, Seth examines four key areas that influence your Google My Business rank.

  • Content strategy
  • Link Building
  • Technical SEO
  • Local Search

You’ll learn tips for producing high-quality content that is authoritative and scalable as well as best practices for keywords, images, citations and review management. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to improve your website’s rank specifically for local searches because that’s where your potential clients are.

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Seth Price
An accomplished attorney and transformational thought leader, Seth Price is a founding partner and the business backbone of Price Benowitz LLP as well as the founder and CEO of BluShark Digital. Seth took a two-person law firm and scaled to 36 lawyers in less than a decade. Now Seth has taken the same digital power that built the firm to create a best in class digital agency focused on the legal sector in BluShark Digital.