Localized Social Marketing Multi-Location Businesses

What Localized Social Marketing Means for Multi-Location Businesses

Localized Social Marketing (LSM) is a critical strategy for multi-location businesses.With LSM, national chains and franchises focus on building online presence and engagement with...

How to Claim and Optimize Your Apple Maps Listing (Updated)

If you’re a business who serves customers face-to-face, you need to claim and optimize the Apple Maps listing for your business.Why worry about Apple...

How to Get a Google One Box for Your Local Business

A Google one box is a special search results box that shows up when someone does a local keyword search and only one business...
Pushing the Boundaries of Local SEOvideo

Pushing the Boundaries of Local SEO

Google has official terms of service for how businesses should represent themselves on Google My Business. But Chaz Edward of Web 2.0 Ranker has a different perspective. He believes the only boundaries should be the ones actually imposed by Google’s local search algorithm. If the algorithm allows it and it proves effective, he thinks you […]
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How Branded and Non-branded Keywords Affect Voice Search

Keywords are critical for your business to be found in local searches. Especially as more consumers use mobile voice search, optimizing your locations to rank for the right keywords can determine whether or not you bring in customers. In this week’s Office Hours webinar, Collin Holmes, founder and CEO of Chatmeter, will discuss how local […]
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Local SEO Guide Google Ranking Factors for 2019

Join us for an exclusive sneak peak at Local SEO Guide's Google Ranking Factors report. This report won't be published until early next year, but we are excited to have Dan Liebson from Local SEO Guide give us this early look. Each year, Local SEO Guide analyzes thousands of local search engine results pages (SERPs) […]
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Set Your Holiday Hoursvideo

How to Set Holiday Hours in Google My Business, Yelp and Bing

It's important for local businesses to set holiday hours in their online business listings. Here's how to do it Google My Business, Yelp and Bing.

15 Things You Must Do to Improve Your Google My Business Rank in 2019

From posts, videos and Q&A, to reviews, inbound links and behavioral signals, this webinar will help you improve your Google My Business rank in...
Removing Google My Business Spammersvideo

How to Rank Higher by Removing Google My Business Spammers

Google My Business spammers can make your legitimate business listing rank lower. In this video tip, you'll learn how to remove these spammers and...
Affordable Local SEO

Affordable Local SEO – Rank Without Breaking the Bank

It is possible to have a high-quality and affordable local SEO strategy, but you have to be a good fit for lower cost SEO options. Here are some ideas.

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