Changes to GMB Quiet Down, COVID-19 Info Links Now Showing

COVID-19 Info Link on GMB Listings

Local rankings in Google My Business have been pretty quiet this past week, with the exception of last Thursday which saw a small shakeup in rankings. Prior weeks showed the flux in the 2.0 to 2.8 range and anything below 2.0 is especially quiet. Very welcome in these unsure times.

BrightLocal Local Rank Flux

We’re seeing review responses and actual new reviews trickle slowly back into view. And Google has indicated that new reviews will be slowly posting and rolling out by category and region. Right now we’re seeing reviews for some retail and dining establishments. There is no word on what will happen with reviews submitted while listings were shut down. Google has indicated they’ve saved them, but not what they’ll do with them or when they’ll do it.

We did have a development Tuesday evening. We’re starting to see visibility for the COVID-19 info links. Visibility continues to roll out to various devices and business categories. We hope that this also means the telehealth / virtual services link should be rolling out soon as well for healthcare businesses.

COVID-19 Info Links Rolling Out
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